The Moderne Cork

The Moderne In Cork for many young brides searching for Wedding Dresses in Cork The Moderne on St Patrick Street has been the shop of choice. For nearly 100 years, The Moderne, a family run business has been an iconic landmark for locals Shopping in Cork and the bridal department, despite being the newest department, has already served three generations of brides.

Cultural Asset 
With a well designed frontage The Moderne combines traditional style and architecture with modern window Display and is an an alluring attraction, not only for locals to buy the latest styles and fashions, but also for visitors from overseas who photograph the store making it not only a working clothes store but also a cultural asset to the city.

During the past few years and certainly during the Tiger economy many traditional Cork Landmark shops so rich in design and architectural heritage dissapeared and the challenge now for Cork is to hold, maintain and help flourish rich cultural assets that these business In Cork provide. The Moderne is open Mondays To Saturdays from 9am until 5.30pm for more information click here.

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